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14-Jan-2018 20:08

After chatting on OKCupid for a week or so, we’ve decided to meet up at a bar and see if our real-life banter can match the witty potency of its digital equivalent. (And all this time I thought I did that in high school to look like Lando Calrissian … I grew up around black women who straightened their hair. I remember the way they used to bond while performing this ritual before going out to catch a long-forgotten R&B act play in a part of the city not even the gentrifiers would dare explore.

Or the way my little sister would perch on the couch watching while my mother stood behind her with a flatiron, getting her ready for Thanksgiving supper.

She’s the kind of girl who’d attended an actual debutante ball growing up (“just for show,” she insisted). “Give me those,” I demand with a grin, reaching underneath the table to feel what, I now realize, are in fact some very moist mitts. We’re in tune with one anotherracism.” At this, I release the fingers. ” I ask, now going for my deconstructed tequila sunrise.

After graduating from Brown and spending a year abroad volunteering in a rural community of Nicaragua that would probably have been fine without her help, she moved to New York City to teach publicschool. We’ve been riding that good-first-date high for 20 minutes or so when, emboldened, I take Leslie’s hands into my own. “Oh, like, you know, like if a black person straightens their hair it’s because they have issues of self-loathing and resent their culture,” she says with an eerily cheerful smile.

Apparently, this is how a date happens: 1) You take the girl somewhere nice, somewhere she likes, like a girl concert. Elba digs for more advice, like how should he act on a date?

He asks the kids if he should go for a bad boy or good guy persona?

Their answers are quite unexpected, which you can check out below: We enjoyed and agreed with a lot of the advice — BUT, we would probably skip the dancing and singing seen in the above clip.

“Even with people looking at you, when you're playing a character, you're so hidden. These are the same characters that we've watched for years.”“Singing's something that I love to do, but it's not something that I pursue as a career.

There's a weird little thing there, where you just feel most comfortable being someone else, because then they're not really looking at you. I did a rendition of 'Billie Jean' which is on my Soundcloud.The “hair debate” was new to me — my family of very black people never seemed to have any issues around it. ” I say, with an inflection that involuntarily recalls the great Garrett Morris.

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