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When she has the baby, he gets this idea to sell the kid in the black market for ten thousand dollars but she gets rid of the baby at a church by leaving it on the altar with a note attached that says, "her name is Abby and I loved her." The boyfriend comes back and finds out and finds the girl hiding in the shower, he beats her up and leaves her stranded at the motel.She ends up going to law school and becoming a lawyer and she's all successful and she sees her boyfriend again but he's under arrest for something but she ignores him, besides, he doesn't recognize her anyways.

The episodes of the series generally revolved around the "cases" of Monica (played by Roma Downey), a young angel recently promoted from the "search and rescue" division, who works under the guidance of Tess (played by Della Reese), a sarcastic boss who showed greater respect as an authority figure of her employee.

A Judd Nelson teen movie called "Making the Grade" (1984) was about to film in the area and Dye won his first professional role playing one of Nelson's prep school buddies.