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And play does not just give children joy, it is also "work".

Young children need to explore the world; they are enthusiastic learners, they need challenges and excitement, and even a frisson of danger.

This event in Trafalgar Square has been made possible by BP.

Josh is portrayed as a laid-back teenage schoolboy trying to maintain his cool reputation, while also being rebellious and trying to cause trouble in order to achieve his goals and humiliate or outsmart Nathan.

Families can take part in a wide range of free activities including interactive animation workshops, and meet some of the big names that made it happen.

Funded by Legacy Trust , the film has been brought together by Tate and the creative magic of Aardman Animations.

Dexter becomes Josh and his mother's new lodger, taking Josh's room as a result.

As such, Josh antagonizes Dexter through much of the series, until he finally accepts his presence and labels him as an "honorary Carter brother".Nathan, former Elmsbury High student and famous rapper, soon learns that only he will able to stop Josh from his schemes.