Verifying and validating requirements

30-Jul-2017 22:25

There seems to be much confusion over the terms verification and validation.

Many people and even QA analysts talk about and even perform V&V as though they are one and the same. In this blog post, we are going to explore the differences between verification and validation.

In the first half of the model validations testing activity is integrated in each phase like review user requirements, System Design document & in the next half the Verification testing activity is come in picture.

In interviews most of the interviewers are asking questions on “What is If you like this article, consider subscribing to get all Testing Updates in your Inbox for FREE.

Validation also ensures that the requirements: 1) achieve stated business objectives, 2) meet the needs of stakeholders, and 3) are clear and understood by the developers.

Validation is essential to identification of missing requirements and to ensure that the requirements meet certain quality characteristics.

Producer’s view of quality, in simpler terms means the developers perception of the final product.

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A requirments review feedback template can be found at the following link: requirements Review Feedback A requirement will ultimately be verified by running tests against the system and analyzing the results.Requirements verification and validation requires reviewing requirements according to an inspection checklist in order to evaluate the correctness of their attributes.Requirements must be carefully reviewed according to an inspection checklist.A given test variation can only have one of two possible results, success or failure. There cannot be a continuum between success and failure.

There should be no partial credit."Almost success", "partial failure", "acceptable, but needs improvement" are all inappropriate test results. If that is difficult or impossible to do, then it is likely that the requirement being tested did not clearly define the difference between what is considered successful and what is cosidered a failure.This method implies that requirement must manifest some behavior that can be verified by testing.

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