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The code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 was implemented in 1997 to let the FDA accept electronic records and signatures in place of paper records and handwritten signatures for compliance.The regulation outlines controls for ensuring that electronic records and signatures are trustworthy, reliable, and compatible with FDA procedures and as verifiable and traceable as their paper counterparts.Val Genesis VLMS is capable of managing requirements, conducting risk assessments, generating dynamic trace matrices, electronic execution, and enforcing validation requirements through frameworks.Val Genesis VLMS eliminates non-value added manual activities that are labor intensive and time consuming while expediting the CSV process and removing inefficiencies that plague validation processes completed on paper or through an EDMS.Traditional computer system validation is an inefficient and time consuming paper based process that is plagued with a significant amount of inefficiencies.Paper-based computer system validation requires that highly skilled technical resources dedicate approximately 50% of their time on non-value added activities which include the following inefficiencies: Traditional computer system validation requires resources to dedicate a significant amount of effort to create and maintain traceability matrixes during the lifecycle.Is your organization ready for an inspection of your Computer System Validation program?In this article, I will offer some key tips on how to prepare for an inspection of your computer system validation (CSV) program.

In order to comply with c GMP, companies are required to record, track, manage, store and easily access various production documents and their detailed change history including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Master Production Batch Record (MPBR), Production Batch Record (PBR), Equipment log books etc.Validation is a critical tool to assure the quality of computer system performance.Computer system software validation increases the reliability of systems, resulting in fewer errors and less risk to process and data integrity.Historically, all such documents have been maintained on paper by companies in order to comply with FDA's c GMP.

Even as companies automated their production and quality processes, they were still being forced to maintain and track paper records for FDA acceptance.Design Qualification: Design qualification ensures that the purchased computer system is according to our user requirement specification and it is capable to run the instrument that will be connected to it.