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She will actively pursue making new contacts adding more and more new names on her phone. She will calculate how much to see you based on how valuable you are to her given her other plans, and she’ll spend the minimum amount of time for you not to dump her; when she sees you’re ready to leave the relationship she’ll probably start acting sweet again and see you. However, doing categorisation is sometimes useful (or fun) to do.Forget boring drivel about where to put a semi-colon. All the approved terms are presented below for readability's sake, but those who have a fondness for old documents can see them in their original glory here.Playgirl's guide was 13 pages of printouts offering a thesaurus of sorts: slang terms for every genital, sex act, STD, orientation, and bodily function -- with phraseology like "Neapolitan bone ache" trotted out as an acceptable stand-in for "syphilis." Welcome to the Playgirl Mansion, where a thesaurus boasting euphemisms for sodomy and female genitals is invaluable to someone tasked with creating punny titles for photo sets and front-page cover lines. A-E: Aaron's Rod, Arm, Baby-Maker, Blue Vein Meatroll, Bald-Headed Butler, Bald-Headed Mouse, Belly Buster, Bathtub Eel, Bearded Blood Sausage, Bird, Bone, Baloney, Banana, Bat, Bayonet, Bean Tosser, Beef, Belly Ruffian, Blade, Broomstick, Bum Tickler, Bush Beater, Button-Hole Worker, Cock, Candle, Carrot, Club, Crack Haunter, Cranny Hunter, Cracksman, Creamstick, Culty Gun, Carnal Stump, Chicken, Child-Getter, Chink-Stopper, Corey, Crook, Dick, Dork, Dong, Doniker, Dingus, Dipstick, Dagger, Dart of Love, Dearest Member, Dicky, Ding-Dong, Dinger, Dingle-Dangle, Dummy, Dodaddy, Dolly, Dooflicker, Down-Leg, Dragon, Eel, End F-L: Family Organ, Fiddle Bow, Fish, Fishing Rod, Flapper, Fool-Sticker, Forefinger, Fucker, Foreman, Gun, Gut Wrench, Giggle Stick, Gadget, Gardener, Giggling Pin, Gooser, Gravy Maker, Frinding Tool [sic], Gristle, Gut Stick, Hair Splitter, Hambone, Hammer, Hanging Johnny, Hoe Handle, Holy Porker, Horn, Hose, Hot Rod, Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile, Hairy Hot Dog, Jack in the Box, Jemson, Jerking Iron, Jigger, Jing Jang, Jockam, Johnnie, Johnny One-Eye, Bald-Headed Champ, Johnson, Joint, Joy Knob, Joy Prong, Joy Stick, Key, Kidney Cracker, Kidney Wiper, Kielbasa, King Member, Knob, Knocker, Ladies' Delight, Ladies' Lollipop, Ladies' Treasure, Lamp of Life, Lance, Life Preserver, Little Brother, Little Willie, Liver Turner, Live Sausage, Lizard, Lob, Lobcock, Lobster, Lollypop, Long John, Love Dart, Love Gun, Love Muscle, Lucy, Lung Disturber M-P: Mad Mick, Magic Wand, Man-Root, Marrow Bone, Master John Thursday, Master of Ceremonies, Meat, Meat Hook, Meat Whistle, Member, Merrymaker, Middle Leg, Milkman, Mister Goodwrench, Mister Tom, Mouse, Muscle, Mutton Dagger, My Body's Captain, Natural Scythe, Needle, Nimrod, Nippy, Noodle, Noony, Old Blind Bob, One-Eyed Milkman, One-Eyed Trouser Trout, One-Eyed Night Crawler in the Turtleneck Sweater, One-Eyed Wonder Worm, Pant Muscle, Pecker, Pee-Pee, Pen, Pencil, Pendulum, Perch, Peter, Piccolo, Picklock, Pikestaff, Pile Driver, Pin, Pink Pencil, Pipe, Pisser, Pistol, Plugtail, Pocket Piccolo, Pocket Rocket, Pointer, Poker, Pole, Pork, Pork Sword, Post, Prick, Pride & Joy, Prong, Pud, Pudding, Pump Handle, Purple-Helmeted Warrior of Love, Pup, Putz Q-Z: Quickening Peg, Quimstake, Ram, Ramrod, Raw Meat, Reamer, Red Cap, Rod, Rod of Love, Rolling Pin, Root, Rudder, Rupert, St.If you enjoy hot and cold, go to a restaurant and order an American style hot apple pie served with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.

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Sure, beautiful women have many admirers chasing them. However when the same admirers don’t seem to quit the chase, or when they seem to be very comfortable in contacting her a bit too much, it means she’s allowing them to do so.

The magazine had no marketing or public relations budget, so its editors sought to revive the Playgirl brand themselves, throwing parties at a Lower East Side bar.

After [owner] Blue Horizon denied a request to finance a blog, Ms.

I mean, there are only so many times you can use the word "penis"...

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In September 2006, four months out of Columbia Journalism graduate school, Nicole Caldwell landed a job as editor in chief of Playgirl magazine.

She makes you feel gulity for being real or expressing you feelings…she wants you to act according to her licking her feet.5.