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Chelsey Ferri, 25, and Heather Ambrose, 27, are two out of the nine who say the experience was an amazing opportunity and one they would not go back and change, even if they could.

“I wouldn’t take this back; I’m really excited to see and to show America what we do,” said Chelsey, a Pittsburg native.

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Knuckles finds himself wandering around Sonic's house party when he finds himself entangled with Rouge the bat. A long story when Amy & Cream tries to find a killer that strikes young women at night. Lots of fun ensues and love blooms for some characters. Tikal could care less because she's finally Queen B, Sonic is confused about love, Shadow knows every secret, and newcomers Knuckles and Amy wonder if being apart of this world is really worth it.

Love seems to form between the two, as secret desires and feelings unfold between the two, but it's not all paradise in the morning. Candy Cane and her teacher Miss Spencer go on Vacation together in Ottawa. Knuckles must enlist the help of a certain female bat when his daughter is kidnapped, and the only way to get her back is to pay the ransom.

Eggman: mastermind before he retiredthe Characters in brackets are the ones I made up After receiving an ancient book for his birthday, Sonic finds himself transported to a fantastic world of magic and heroes - which is threatened by an evil Djinn! She had something up her sleeve, Sonic just knew it. It looks like you could use it."Rewritten - f/f slash - Mileena warms up to someone she never expected. Jet Wave, Charmy Cream Tails, Storm OCOne lovely Friday afternoon, Amy follows Sonic again down the streets of Station Square.

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Cursed by a flame arrow when he dares to rise against him, Sonic will need the help not only of the genie Shahra, but also of his oldest friends to survive this adventure... Six months since the last tournament, something new happens gathering all the fighters for a surprise. What happens when Mileena gets close to someone she's not supposed to? Amy notices that a new amusement park called Twinkle Park opens & couples get in free!

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